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Banana Oatmeal Cake

Growing up having always a tin of Quaker Oats on standby in the kitchen, I cannot and refuse to understand why my daughter rejects oat. Oat milk goes down the drain; oatmeal porridge gets poured into the bowl. Sigh. And just the other day, I read about how oat is such a super food for our well-being. I must get this girl to eat her oats. So today’s inspired bake was banana oatmeal cake. I picked out a recipe randomly from a blog and modified it a little to accommodate my pantry supply and taste likings. The core of the recipe is great: the amount of fat and sugar is proportionally small while the good stuff like bananas and oats make up the cake. And, it’s more than a cake; it’s a oat crumble-topped cake. Now, whoever thought of putting this much oats into a cake is a genius.

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