Lavender Lullabies

The lavender sachets project has been on my KIV DIY  list for the longest time. It all started after I received a tiny lavender pillow complimentary with my purchase of buttons from a DaWanda seller. It was amazing how the perfume of such a small pinch of lavender florets permeated my favourite handbag and left an inviting lingering scent. Since then, I wanted to make lavender sleep sachets for bed, lavender pouches for the lingerie drawer, lavender potpurri for the bathroom. … Nay, you can’t overdose on lavender!

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Make-up Brush Roll

Make-up Brush Roll
The leather strap for the intended envelope clutch as A.’s birthday present didn’t arrive on time. So I had to sew something else. While browsing on the DaWanda website, I saw a free tutorial for a make-up roll. It looks like something I can manage. The entire process took a couple of hours because I’m a sewing beginner and I wanted to be sure it looks professionally sewn this time. Also, I spent some time taking photos of some of the steps so that you could make one too if you like.

You can alter the length and width of the roll to fit your brushes. I made one according to the dimensions of the original tutorial found on the german DaWanda. You can view it here.


  • 3 pieces of cloth, 25 x 18 c m each
  • 1 piece of ribbon/band, 30cm
  • 1 piece of binding, 25cm (Optional)
  • Matching thread


  • Fold the piece meant to be the holding cloth (A) into half horizontally. Iron.
  • Optional: If you are using binding, pin binding to folded edge and stitch near the lower edge.
  • Sewn binding

  • Pin A onto the right side of the interior piece (B).
  • Make markings with chalk on A according to the widths of the brushes you intend the roll to hold. I didn’t know specifics so I made a variety of 2, 3 and 4cm gaps.
  • Measure gaps

  • Stitch along marked lines on A. Be sure to reverse stitch to secure. From a previous bad experience with stitches coming off, I would advise extending at least one stitch onto B, in order to strengthen the hold.
  • Fold the piece of ribbon such that one end is 10cm and the other 20cm long. Hand stitch it just above the edge of A on one side.
  • Secure ribbon

  • Now put exterior cloth (C) and B right sides together.
  • Right sides together

  • Pin and stitch all around, but leave a 5cm gap where the ribbon is.
  • Leave gap

  • Clip the corners to reduce bulk.
  • Clip corners

  • Optional step: Iron the seams open. I find that it helps define the edges when you turn it out.
  • Iron seams open

  • Turn the roll inside out through the gap. Use a chopstick to push the corners out nicely. Iron.
  • To close the gap, you can either blind stitch or stitch all around. I stitched all around very close to the edge because I find that it makes the roll less poofy and neater.

There you have it!
Make-up Roll