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800 Bus Loads of Danes

My first response to a spontaneous invitation to a football match was an usually quick and firm “no”. I haven’t watched much football since my teens and it’s the last social event on my mind as a worthy time off activity from the baby. But last weekend, I found myself sitting amongst 51 thousand others, eyes on a single ball for a good 90 minutes. Being somewhat discontented with the variety of life experiences I’ve had, I resolved to tweak my current selection of social events. This is certainly a good beginning. I thought I was there only to observe the progress of a sport. But my corrupted eyes spotted the social snippets and gathered enough to write a whole blog entry.

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American ear infections

Our little family had been turned topsy turvy the past weeks because a little ear was infected. Leanne was prescribed a round of antibiotics but the condition was back a week later. Concerned with the overuse of antibiotics, the doctor and I concurred we would try our luck this time round with ear drops, antibiotical no less, anyway. During the doctor visit, I mentioned that I’ve already been trying to get her off the bottle because I read on various websites that when a child lies down supine to drink, liquid tends to accumulate in the tube within the ears and become susceptible to bacterial growth. She was smiling as I spoke and when I was done, she tried diplomatically to reassure me that we need not change anything. Continue reading

Gypsies are humans too…

Gypsies have a pretty nasty reputation, at least here where I am. I have not heard anyone speak kindly of them before. My sole ‘interaction’ with a gypsy thus far is with a teenage girl who cleaned my windscreen during a traffic light stop despite my protest. I naturally see them too as eccentric beggars who need not exist. Until I met a group of gypsy kids who showed me a different side of them. Continue reading