A Shabby Chic Kitchen

The days of oilcloth being considered tacky are officially over, now that the selection of patterns has increased to include the very trendy polka dots, vintage style roses and paisleys. Higher popularity means more choices and less spending – any bona fide housewife’s dream. Not only does it let you add personality to your kitchen easily, it is easy to clean up and provides a good work surface for baking. After deliberating for a good whole week, I finally made up my mind about having a pale and cool coloured tablecloth in the utility kitchen. Since the kitchen cabinets are grey, I went with pale mint for a complementary hue effect. Since the chairs are already a bright fire engine red, I didn’t feel like another huge glaring piece of surface. The husband was also very  taken with the colour choice.

The detail that really took the cake was the scalloped edges. It definitely made the arrangement look a lot more chic and fancy. The effect is really easy to achieve as well. Although I had the idea of a fancy edge, I didn’t know how to go about producing one. Thanks to Kathleen whose great blog post I found, I only had to download a template, measure and cut.

Some hints:

  • The only disadvantage about light colours is that β-Carotene stains show up easily. I haven’t found any removal solution so I use an additional placemat for the little one during pasta meals.
  • You can iron the oilcloth to eliminate creases but it is susceptible to high heat. So use only the lowest heat setting on your iron or a piece of cloth on top. Also always use a heatproof mat below a hot pot.

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