Neat Freak reborn – Storage Box Labels

There never seems to be enough space in the kitchen to store everything that belongs there. If the space expands, so does the collection. But imagine the chaos when the collection expands and the kitchen shrinks. In this current apartment, the cupboards are not built all the way up to the ceiling. The landlady found it pleasant that there’s some ‘breathing space’. I wonder who the hell for and found it utterly silly.That space has to be utilised unless I plan to retrieve items from the basement on a regular basis. Despite initial annoyance, I was subsequently glad that I got to add a little warmth to the otherwise industrial-looking grey that’s one entire panel of the kitchen.

I bought different sizes of white cardboard boxes from good old Ikea and made labels for them. It was an easy and effective way to add colour and design to the otherwise plain storage containers. I really adore this new addition.

If you like the labels too, you can download the template I’ve posted here. An easy method for a non-Photoshop user would be the following:

  • Insert the jpeg file into Microsoft Word or iLife Pages
  • Make it float with text
  • Add another text box. Add your text. Adjust the text box to fit within the template. Done!
The box label measures approximately 20cm x 10cm and fits most cardboard boxes from Ikea.

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