Lavender Lullabies

The lavender sachets project has been on my KIV DIY  list for the longest time. It all started after I received a tiny lavender pillow complimentary with my purchase of buttons from a DaWanda seller. It was amazing how the perfume of such a small pinch of lavender florets permeated my favourite handbag and left an inviting lingering scent. Since then, I wanted to make lavender sleep sachets for bed, lavender pouches for the lingerie drawer, lavender potpurri for the bathroom. … Nay, you can’t overdose on lavender!

So my first craft project in months is a lavender sleep sachet for a good friend who hasn’t been having enough rest. I hope the soothing aroma will lullaby her to better restful sleep. It’s a very simple project that can be completed in a jiffy; a gift you can make faster than deliberating on one at the mall.

Materials needed:

  • 1 piece   24×12 cm white cotton fabric (for lavender pillow)
  • 1 piece   7×14 cm fabric (A)
  • 1 piece   11×14 cm fabric (B)
  • 1 piece   14×14 cm fabric (C)
  • 10g dried lavender flowers (available in Germany in pharmacies.  The pack I bought from the ‘Reformhaus’ is from the brand ‘Salus’. It’s 7,50€ for 75g.)
  • Thread for sewing


1. Make the lavender pillow. Fold the piece of white cotton fabric into half to make a 12×12 cm square. Sew a line of straight stitch 1cm away from the edge along the left and right sides. Turn pillow inside out.

2. Fill with dried lavender. I used 10g but you can vary the amount accordingly.

3. Fold the top 1cm in and seal the pillow with a line of stitch near the edge. 

4. Make the cover. Fold 1cm in along the length of pieces A and B and iron the seam. Then sew a line of straight stitch 1cm away from edge.

5. Lay the three pieces on top of each other in this order: C (bottom) – A -B. Note that the seams of A and B are facing each other. Pin them together. Since it’s so tiny, I only secured them with a pin right in the middle.

6. Now sew 1cm away from edge along all four sides. Then snip triangles off the corners. 

7. Turn the cover inside out through the slip. Use a chopstick or any other kind of modelling tool with a rounded tip to push the corners out. 

8. Sew a line of stitch 1.5cm away from edge all around. I used the zigzag stitch with pink thread to spruce it up a little. This makes an oxford style pillow cover. 

9. Insert the lavender pillow into the cover and it’s done!


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