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Banana Oatmeal Cake

Growing up having always a tin of Quaker Oats on standby in the kitchen, I cannot and refuse to understand why my daughter rejects oat. Oat milk goes down the drain; oatmeal porridge gets poured into the bowl. Sigh. And just the other day, I read about how oat is such a super food for our well-being. I must get this girl to eat her oats. So today’s inspired bake was banana oatmeal cake. I picked out a recipe randomly from a blog and modified it a little to accommodate my pantry supply and taste likings. The core of the recipe is great: the amount of fat and sugar is proportionally small while the good stuff like bananas and oats make up the cake. And, it’s more than a cake; it’s a oat crumble-topped cake. Now, whoever thought of putting this much oats into a cake is a genius.

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Lavender Lullabies

The lavender sachets project has been on my KIV DIY  list for the longest time. It all started after I received a tiny lavender pillow complimentary with my purchase of buttons from a DaWanda seller. It was amazing how the perfume of such a small pinch of lavender florets permeated my favourite handbag and left an inviting lingering scent. Since then, I wanted to make lavender sleep sachets for bed, lavender pouches for the lingerie drawer, lavender potpurri for the bathroom. … Nay, you can’t overdose on lavender!

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Souffle à la Supermarkt

The lack of opportunities to visit restaurants has somehow changed our grocery shopping habits. We find ourselves more willing to try out the supposed gourmet items in the supermarket to spice up the mealtimes at home a little. So last week, the Gü chocolate souffles found their way into our trolley. R. was intrigued by the weight of the package and realised the souffles come in glass containers. We just have to try them. Continue reading