Recipe Review – Cheesy Broccoli Crepes

Cheesy broccoli crepe
I realise I have spent more time looking for recipes online than trying out the recipes themselves. At the end of the day, it may seem more worthwhile to have made a failed recipe than searching for the perfect one. Nonetheless, I hate to have to dump food. That’s why I continue to look out for reliable recipes on the Internet.

I steer clear of certain ‘big’ websites with thousands of recipes and ten thousand more variations of one dish. It’s always tempting to try a recipe which has 500 reviews. Careful reading reveals that there are plenty of tweaking done by the reviewers in order to make the dish tasty. So the 5-star rating is pretty pointless.

The recipes that I try nowadays are found mostly on blogs by food enthusiasts, well thronged by loyal followers. These are reliable and rarely turn out inedible or bland. The recipe I’m reviewing in this post comes from It’s a blog managed by Amanda & Debbie. The first recipe I tried from them is the lemon meringue pie. It turned out like the one from Cedele Depot, which is dearly missed. Needless to say,  it prompted me to try a few of their other recipes.

The cheesy broccoli crepes are relatively simple but a little tedious to make because the crepes have to be made separately.

Today’s my first successful attempt at making some decent crepes. I have tried to make crepes countless times but never succeeded in getting them to be as thin as I like it to be. The crepe recipe from exclusivelyfood is amazingly good. The ingredients are simple – eggs, flour and milk. And they really did turn out to be tender and delicate as the blog claimed. Without butter and sugar, it’s even a pretty healthy crepe.

The mix of cheese, cream and mayonnaise for the broccoli filling is really yummy. Don’t feel guilty about sneaking spoonfuls of it while assembling the crepes. It’s perfectly normal.

Freshly baked crepes

The recipe is good to use as it is. I didn’t change a thing. Here are however some additional notes:

  • You can use frozen or refridgerated readymade crepes. But I strongly advocate that you give the crepe recipe a try because it’s plain and doesn’t contain unnecessary amounts of fat and sugar.
  • While making the crepe, I always remove the pan to the side to cool for a few seconds before pouring the batter in. This prevents the batter from cooking before you can spread it out decently. It also helps to own a wooden crepe spreader.
  • Wooden crepe spreader

  • Since the batter does not contain any fat, you may need to oil the pan once every three crepes to prevent them from sticking to the pan or burning too quickly.
  • I managed to make only 6 rather sparsely filled crepes. The portion of filling would definitely be doubled next time. Not that I don’t like crepes. I love them. But if you’re also a HPLC person, you will likewise make very fat crepes so that you are eating more broccoli filling than crepe.
  • The serving size Amanda and Debbie recommended is 2 crepes per person. Initially, I was wondering if I would really stop at two. I did. They are filling.

The recipe can be found here.


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