This Caramel Macaron or That Caramel Macaron ?

Creamy caramel macaron
When I first offered macarons on DaWanda, I started off with creamy caramel macarons using PH’s recipe. They were relatively well-received but it seems most prefer caramel rather than caramel buttercream. Actually the only ingredient difference between the two is the amount of butter used. Nonetheless, the consistency of the macaron is altered significantly.

As already known, macaron shells should be a little chewy. So baking caramel macarons on a low mac mojo day is definitely asking for trouble because chewy caramel and chewy macaron shells end up either in the trash or in a doggie’s mouth.

I haven’t had problems with my caramel macarons until a customer gave me feedback last week that the ones he received were so hard, they made nice knocking noises on the tabletop but his doggies enjoyed them nonetheless. Good that I had some in my fridge and tested one promptly. Indeed, it was barely chewable. My guess is that it hasn’t been matured sufficiently. The one I tried the next day tasted much like the ones I have been sending out.

I concede anyhow that caramel is not a favourite flavour of macarons for me because the combination is simply too sweet. But I do enjoy caramel a lot. Motivated by the failure of the most recent batch and a personal desire to make a yummy caramel macaron for self, I decided to go back to PH’s recipe of salted caramel. PH says in his  book that a butter based cream brings out the taste of the caramelised sugar better (if my years of French didn’t fail me). I personally feel that this lighter version of caramel, made with more butter, makes it a more suitable filling for macarons because it is definitely not chewy and possibly lends more moisture to the macaron shells.

Jar of caramel buttercream
I think I’ve fallen in love with caramel macarons all over again…


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