Pitch Black Sweeties


Are macarons too glam to be filled with breakfast spreads? Or is it okay to normalise them with nutella and peanut butter? Whichever side of the macaron you are on, it seems these almond meringue shells are destined to make anyone who has a sweet tooth happy. Some time back, a customer who took the leap of faith from macarons of chocolate, to pistachio, to salted caramel asked for some macarons of licorice. I know somehow it will eventually happen; getting a request for a flavour which I personally abhor. Nonetheless, flavour experiments are always exciting.

I decided that I would stick to buttercream as the filling and attempt to ‘licorise’ it. After some research on the internet, I found a website that sells everything and anything licorice and bought a sampler bottle of licorice powder. For the uninitiated, licorice is a flavouring extracted from a root and thus licorice powder is light brown and not black in colour. The pitch black colour of licorice candies is the result of the usage of molasses and most probably food colouring. Nonetheless, the colour association is now age-old and to keep to the tradition, I baked some really dark brown, almost black macaron shells.


The buttercream was simply whipped with the licorice powder for the filling. A generous amount of licorice powder was added to the buttercream and the taste made me cringe and simulated a hypothetical heart seizure but it was probably necessary so that the licorice flavour is brought out in the final macaron creation. Even if I can’t decide whether macarons should remain haute couture, I know one thing for sure – I hate lame macarons. If the dark chocolate was supposedly infused with the finest of Earl Grey leaves, I shouldn’t have to be left wondering, “Hmmm…did the lady pack the wrong flavour?” Not to mention that I paid 2,45SGD for one.

Now, I await the verdict of these pitch black sweeties from a bona fide licorice lover.


2 thoughts on “Pitch Black Sweeties

  1. wow, this is awesome! I’ve tried to make black shells before but they always turn out grey no matter how much black coloring I add. How did you do this? 😀 Lovely!

    • Hi Amrita,

      thanks for dropping by and the compliments. I chanced upon photos of macarons baked for a hotel buffet by a lady also called Amrita. Was that you? Are you by any chance based in Singapore? Apologies for the belated response; haven’t been to my own blog in a while.;-)
      the shells do actually looks more very dark grey than black black. I’ve seen recently on the German baking specialty online shops some ‘intense black’ colour paste. If you are interested, I can trace the link for you.

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