Vitamin bombs – Honeyed Lemon Slices

I remarked to A., my best friend here in Bremen, that I’m getting tired of the taste of the honey I have at home. It’s a huge tin, a good litre! She suggested that I should use it up by making honeyed lemon slices. According to A., female fans of sportstars prepare this for their sport idols. They purportedly provide an extra boost. I suppose it’s not difficult to understand why. Honey is simple sugar and lemon is full of vitamin C.

Initially I was hesitant because I’m not a sour foodstuff person. Even now that I’m pregnant, I don’t crave anything sour. But these lemon slices are sweetened significantly by the honey. Yet, they retain their original tanginess. I eat a slice or two as a snack almost everyday and realise that they disappear fast! So if you decide to make them, make enough to last you till you have the mood to repeat the process. Nonetheless, the minimum curing time is only a day or rather a night. The lemon slices taste best, in my opinion, after two to three days. They don’t get better after. I haven’t had the chance to keep them long enough to know if they will spoil.

Also, the remaining liquid mix of lemon juice and honey can be diluted with water to make a refreshing honey lemon drink for the shopping break.

Add a piece of brown paper and string to the lid and it makes a nice preserves gift too!



  • Lemons (preferably with thin skin and organic because the skin is not removed )
  • Honey, any type you prefer


  • Cut lemons to make 0.5cm slices. If they are too thin, the centre portions will disintergrate too much. If they are too thick, you’ll be eating more skin than you like.
  • Coat lemon slices generously with honey.
  • Place slices in jar and refrigerate overnight.
  • The next day, the lemon slices would have released juices. Shake up the jar to ensure that the liquid coats all slices.

Domo Arigatou A.!


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