Who’s Dr. Hauschka?

The first time I started to talk excitedly about Dr. Hauschka, the Mister didn’t get it. “Who’s Dr. Hauschka? Sounds like your new lover…” he commented amusedly as I went on and on about how good Dr. Hauschka is.

If you are like me, who suffers from sensitive and acne prone skin all my life, you would understand the elation I felt when the skin showed signs of improvement after such a short period of product usage.

I bought the trial kit above for 11,50€ at the pharmacy. It includes everything you need (except a make-up remover) to get started on a new skincare routine.

Before this, I was never one to believe in using a whole product line. But after reading numerous conflicting reviews about what works and what doesn’t, I came to the conclusion that some products are made to work together.

Let’s start with cleansing. The cleansing cream resembles that of a mild scrub. However, it is not meant to be used like one. Indeed, don’t ever do that. Good old lazy me didn’t bother to read the instructions carefully and ended up with almost 2 weeks of dry flaky skin on the forehead and chin. And I only scrubbed for a couple of days. Apparently you have to use the ‘press and roll’ technique with this cleansing cream. It’s not difficult; just a little more tedious. Watch this video on Youtube to understand what that means. The cleansing cream does not leave your skin feeling tight. For those used to the squeaky clean feel, it may feel a little uncomfortable to have a thin film of something lingering. But trust me, it would not bring on a breakout you are expecting from an improperly cleaned face.

Next comes the toner. Since the trial bottle did not come with a spritzer, I dabbed it on my fingers to press onto my skin. It’s definitely more economical. But if you don’t have patience for it, use the toner in a spray bottle. The toner leaves the skin with a nice supple feel.

Next comes the normalizing day oil. According to the brand, the skin produces oil in order to protect it from being more dehydated if your face is dry. Thus, by applying a layer of oil on your face, you trick the skin into thinking that there is sufficient protection and thus reduce sebum production. This theory clearly works because the morning after my very first application at night, I awoke to a smooth face with very calmed acne spots. Previously, even with the application of acne cream, some acne spots refuse to subside and remain red and angry. The reviews on http://www.makeupalley.com about the normalizing day oil, for instance, are mixed. One member then suggested that the oil should be used with the toner as the toner probably contains ingredients that prep the skin. By the way, it is advised not to use the normalizing day oil at night. The skin should be left to balance itself during the night. Toner will do.

“The 7 facts that will change your skin” on the Dr. Hauschka website are very interesting and I personally found truth in most of them. Perhaps my skin is very sensitive but I do always have new spots whenever I use a product that is not suitable.

The trial kit also includes 3 items for the once-a-week routine of deep cleansing – steam bath solution, cleansing clay mask powder and revitalising mask cream. The face should be steamd by a bowl of hot water into which the solution has been poured. I find this step very refreshing as the skin feels very supple and hydrated after. The purpose nonetheless is to open the pores in preparation for the deep cleansing.

The cleansing clay mask has to be made on your own with some water and a spritz of toner. It should then be applied to your face using a brush, which is less messy; or in my case (suitable brush nowhere in sight), with fingers.

Even though I do a lot and have also spent a lot in order to maintain blemish-free complexion, I think I never quite understood my skin until this recent discovery of Dr. Hauschka. It has led me to observe changes more closely in order to know what to do.

Even though the acne spots have been calmed and I have very few new bumps since I started using the trial kit, I continue to have countless whiteheads on my chin. I notice then that they tend to diminish the day after using the cleansing mask only to appear again after two days. This figures why the steam and cleansing mask routine should be done approximately once in about 5 days.

The final item to be discussed is the revitalising cream. And so I was really contented with the texture of my complexion and the absence of new spots. But what really bugs me is the presence of old acne scars, caused by the use of strong medicated acne cream. They have left very ugly dark patches all around, especially on the nose. The Mister pointed out that dark spots have also appeared on my cheeks out of nowhere and I was reminded of this temporary skin decoloration that occurs during pregnancy. That may also have been the reason why my old acne spots are so dark.

I thought to myself, “there must be something in the range of Dr. Hauschka products to resolve this problem.” Indeed there is – the revitalizing mask. It comes in the form of a very thick cream.There are two ways to use this mask. One, you apply a thick layer on your face for 20 mins and wash off. Two, which is the interesting one, you apply a thin layer on your face at night and during the day under your make-up in order to soften acne scars. One unexpected effect of using the mask as a make-up base is the glow it adds to a dehydated face. I have tried it now for a few days. I can’t decide yet whether I would continue the routine because new bumps have appeared here and there. Naturally their appearance would be attributed to the new layers of revitalizing mask since I didn’t change any other parts of the routine. For the next couple of days, I would apply the mask only to very dark acne scars. Then I can tell whether it’s indeed the cause of the new spots. It would probably take a month or two before I can tell whether it works to diminish the scars.

In general, all Dr. Hauschka products smell similar, right down to the cover stick. It’s herby in smell and not otherwise perfumed. I would say though it’s worth the compromise.

Since the skin takes at least a 28-day cycle to turn around and it’s now damage control time for undoing all the disastrous effects of the past winter, I would persevere and hope to see a totally diffierent complexion this summer. I will update again then!


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