My pseudo high protein low carb diet

I have been on a high(er) protein, low(er) carb diet for the longest time. But I threw all caution into the wind and binged on instant noodles and porridge during my first trimester. I’m not sure if my mil was all that amused that I simply had to eat instant mee goreng after a huge Christmas dinner. Anyhow, the comfort eating couldn’t be helped. I would probably have felt worse otherwise, being pretty much alone here and without Chinese food!

I also forgot that my required daily calorie intake is not 2000 but much lesser. I got to thinking one day about this average calorie intake and somehow can’t be convinced that if the Mister and I have a 30kg weight difference, both of us should be taking in 200 calories per day. So I googled around and found a number of websites with calorie intake calculators. I tried a few and after some averaging, my personal calorie intake per day should be around 1400 to 1500 calories. Since then, I’ve been rather successful in gauging how much I can eat to maintain the figure I like.

As I finished up the second trimester, I lost the need to comfort eat and became more conscious of what I should be putting into my mouth in order to maximise fetal growth and not anal growth. So I’m back on a pseudo (high protein low carb) diet! Although all I can think of is cakes, cakes and more cakes…

It’s been more than a decade since I finished a whole bowl of rice or noodles. I don’t find it difficult to part once again with these staples. Protein is after all what my little girl needs for growth. My beloved rice, spaghetti and bee hoon will be suitably converted to enhance an already big part of me because exercise is now for strengthening not for losing weight. Nonetheless, I don’t eliminate them completely from my main meals. I just eat half the portion. The amount of fruits I take each day also contributes anyway to the carb count as sugar. In cutting down the carb portion of lunch and dinner, there is then room for stress-relieving dark chocolate and fetal growth-spurting durian.

An article caught my attention while I was looking for information on going on a hplc diet during pregnancy. This report sortof justified my perculiar eating habits. It’s a research study done on pregnant mice and the researchers concluded that the female offspring of pregnant mice on a high protein low carb diet metabolise fat better. For sure, one should notice that a research has limited extrapolations on humans. Still, I choose to believe that similarities exist.

In an attempt to feed my perpetually hungry tummy with stuff that fit my particular diet, I have been spending time in the kitchen, preparing food in ‘bulk’. A friend has crowned me the ‘freezer queen’ because we discussed cooking for self once and I told her I usually cook a few portions at one go and freeze them. I would rather eat microwaved homecooked food than to grab a wurst or kebap, the only two available food choices within 100 metres. At least I can control the amount of fat I’m taking in.

My obssession with food persists…


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