Polish Macarons

It’s difficult for macarons to fall out of favour. There is a flavour to suit each mood, each day of the week, each time of the day, each craving. Although macaron shells are made with almonds, not flour, they are surprisingly neutral, blending well with almost anything sweet you can think of.

The upcoming trip to Poland reminds me of the first time I was there three years ago. At the Mister’s granny’s place, I tried some Chocolate Plums (Sliwka Naleczowska). If you do go to Poland, you should purchase some. It’s unique to the Polish sweets culture and can’t be found outside of the country. All the plums I’ve eaten in my life till then were pickled – meeting both extremes on the salty and sour scales. Too intense for mild tastebuds. Sweet preserved plums covered in dark chocolate refreshed my acquaintance with these dark purple fruits.

Sliwka Naleczowska

For my polish Ah Ma (Hokkien term for grandmother), I made these purple coloured macarons, filled with dark chocolate ganache and of course, a plum jam center. The bittersweetness of the dark chocolate and the tartness of the plums is a perfect combination for those who always found macarons too sweet.

Chocolate Plum Macarons


5 thoughts on “Polish Macarons

  1. Hi Menagere, this post caught my attention, coz recently my hubby brought home a box of Plums in chocolate (Sliwka w czekoladzie), a gift from a colleague who recently returned from a trip to Poland. I thought then this combination was brilliant, and I wondered why I never thought of this combo when I love chocolate with raisin and I am into a local cake layered with plum too. So for this week I thought of dipping some plums into dark valrhona chocolate πŸ™‚ And then I started on macarons as well, so I am going to tap on your idea as well.

    Your macarons are neat. Is the base a french or italian meringue? A plum jam would just mean blending some plum as a paste for the centre of choc ganache?

    Thank you for sharing an inspiration.

  2. Hi Joys,

    Thanks for the compliment.
    Just curious, are you from Singapore? You mentioned local cake with plum. I instantly thought of Kueh Lapis! πŸ˜‰
    I use italian meringue. I used store bought plum puree, which is readily available in Germany. I think you could also soak dried plums in water for some time and then blend. That would make something thick yet moist, which would be suitable as a filling for macarons. Macaron shells need some moisture from the filling to mature. Have fun trying! πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Menagere, yes indeed it is Kek Lapis Prune! I am curious, since you mentioned Hokkien and you know Kueh Lapis, have you lived in Asia before? Continue your inspiration, will share with you more when my stuff is ready.

  4. I’m from Singapore, my dear. πŸ™‚ Am living in Germany now because the Mister works here. Would be glad to hear updates from you! Keep in touch!

  5. hey I am too! … And you got a polish grandma? Living in Germany etc ~ truly Global.
    wow ~ update you pretty soon! Joys

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