Local Macarons

Marzipan Macaron II

I disliked marzipan. In my initial months here, I couldn’t understand why there was marzipan into everything baked – cakes, bread, cookies, tarts. After being ambushed by a generous amount of marzipan in an otherwise tasty cookie I bought, cookies were struck off my bakery shopping list.
However, three months after being constantly offered this intensely flavoured almond confection, I acquired a liking for it. Good marzipan is not too sweet, smooth and has a delicate nutty aroma. Although marzipan purportedly originated in the Middle East, Germany represents herself as the ‘World Capital of Marzipan’ today. I don’t know about other parts of Germany but marzipan is definitely popular in the north.

So I thought, why not macarons with a marzipan filling? Almond floured shells with almond paste. – here, the ‘doubling effect’ worked very well. Rather than being overwhelming, the resulting taste was simply… almondy.

By now, they have their fair share of fans and remain in the permanent collection of macaron flavours.

Marzipan Macaron


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