A Macaron Tree of Love

Macaron tree

When I received the invitation to M’s wedding, I knew then that I wanted to present something special to the couple. My initial idea was that of the classical macaron croquembouche. It’s grand, befitting as a wedding cake and fits enough macarons to feed the entire party. Sadly, I couldn’t find the needed cone here. An appropriately-sized cone from France cost more than what I care to pay for. I almost settled for a modified Schultüte but decided that it’s probably asking for double trouble. In the end, a trip to the art supplies store brought new inspirations and the heart-shaped forms, some moss, bridal roses (selbstverständlich nötig! 😉 ) and brown satin ribbons completed the material kit.

I had some trouble trying to make the forms stand properly within the flowerpot. You may realise, if you look closely, that the plant is lopsided. Nonetheless, it withstood the transport and sat proudly on the coffee table, flaunting its various pink macarons.

Although it was tedious to make, I look forward to the next opportunity to produce a similar piece for another good friend.

Overexposed Tree
Another photo, this time a little overexposed. It reminds me of a good old Polaroid, the best we had before digital cams.


2 thoughts on “A Macaron Tree of Love

  1. Babe!!
    You would have been the perfect person I have been looking for! I need a marcaron birthday tower for my sister!!

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